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Monthly Archives: November 2018

“Strangely Setting The Standard”

Who is Strange Leaf? It seems this name has been seen throughout the cannabis community.  I met with Melissa Strange the social butterfly responsible for two meet and greets, meet Leafly and is currently working on a patient drive. She…

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Ray Jennings | “Putting the focus back on the patient”

Before SQ 788 came up there were stories about a lot of patients fleeing north for treatment that had yet to be accepted in Oklahoma. Shortly after passing there was a rush of activists, new businesses and politicians tossing their…

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Alexa | “Lex” 7 yrs. old

It seems like not too long ago there was an entire underworld of cannabis patients that have suddenly surfaced and the skeptics are equally baffled and scared by who exactly they are. I was lucky enough to be a part…

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