Miss Kim Beats Cancer

I can’t say enough how much I hate cancer the monster that took both of my parents just 3 weeks apart. Inside me exists this desire to help others when I couldn’t save my own. I think about this every day.

Can I help others not feel what I feel everyday missing them wishing there was something I could have done? There was really no other reason my parents wouldn’t take that chance other than they were Christians and law abiding citizens that couldn’t and wouldn’t defy the law.

The story isn’t about them, this is about a 58 year old lady named Miss Kim, a small framed 5 foot 5 woman maybe a hundred pounds if we’re counting. A lady delicate and down-to-earth that on August 27th 2018 was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on her larynx.

“It began as a conversation about how my parents dealt with their cancer.”

Squamous cell carcinoma is known as the second most common type of skin cancer. It was at a stage 3 and measured 8 cm when they found it. I was approached by my high school buddy, this was his mother-in-law, he knew where I stood as far as cannabis and cancer.

It began as a conversation about how my parents dealt with their cancer. I felt this was a opportunity to have her try something so many cancer patients were too afraid to try. I passed on all the information that I had as Miss Kim did her research. This is very important for all patients to do but mostly patients who are determined to live.

There’s so much to know about our own bodies illnesses and effects different drugs have on them. However, Miss Kim was no stranger to cannabis as she had already been smoking to control her seizures for the past three years. Her concern was, should she quit smoking? I told her from everything that I had read it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s hard to tell people things when it seems there’s so much conflicting information on the internet. I saw what chemotherapy did to my parents it’s difficult to consider anything as being more harmful. It saddens me that this is medicine.

“We discussed her ingesting and not just smoking.”

There exists a certain level of difficulty within myself imagining anyone else losing someone in this way. We discussed her ingesting and not just smoking. It’s been documented to be more effective in treating cancer.

She started with a strain called “Original glue,” processed into RSO. She began to feel upbeat her appetite was back as it became easier to sleep. Her depression subsided. This was just the beginning of the healing that took place within just two and a half months.

I received a message tears came pouring from my eyes. I’ve attached it leaving names out as a courtesy to the family. Miss Kim beat cancer! It’s hard not to share a story that can potentially save lives. After her recovery doctor say full 5 years before it’s considered remission but the cancer is gone!

Miss Kim visited a local Oklahoma dispensary and overwhelmed with kindness. She didn’t expect to be treated like a patient but she was. We fight for people like Miss Kim so she can share a story of survival instead of a sad story about defeat.

Oklahoma has just begun.

— Chris Abouarrage



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